The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Review

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is a VR game in which you are a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. I have never played the game yet so this is a summary of everything I’ve heard about the game but ill make a nether review when I get my hands on it. If you ever watch the walking dead show before you know all about The Walking Dead. In The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, you have your camp that you can craft guns, weapons, and ammo.

The player can upgrade his camp so he can make better melee gear, guns that do more damage and are overall better, but one of the most important medical, or survival tools. If you’re wanting to upgrade your camp you are going to need materials, so when you’re looking for materials. You are going to need to look out for zombies and enemy survivors. because if you don’t you’re going to have a seriously bad time and having a bad time is not fun obviously.The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Review

When I’m able to play the game I’ll make a comprehensive review.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this game go here.

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