State of Decay

State of Decay 2020 Review

State of Decay is a zombie survival game that was developed by Undead Labs who did a great job. Are you looking for a game that you have to go find materials then build up your camp then take quests to progress further into the story? Then State of decay is the game for you. There are skills that you have to level like cardio kind of like Escape from Tarkov but it’s not that hard like Escape from Tarkov.

I couldn’t recommend this game enough 10/10 but I think you should buy State of Decay 2 first unless you want to play the older one which doesn’t have that many things that you can do, unlike the second game. Sadly they don’t have multiplayer but the second game does and in my opinion, it’s not the best because from my experience the owner of the lobby gets to do all of the quests the other players can but they don’t progress. I will do a review of the second game in a couple of weeks. your base/camp can get attack by a horde of zombies that can hurt the population or can just flat out make you lose the game.

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Gears 5

Gears 5 Review 2020

Gears 5 is one of the most intense and fun games I have ever played. First of all I really never liked the Gear of War companion I thought it was boring. But the multiplayer was my favorite I loved the mode horde. You were able to be the horde or you can fight off the horde and when you were the Coalition army you can build turrets, barbwire, etc. but in gears, the horde mode had no being on the other side no being the horde. Just fighting the horde and surviving as long as possible but don’t get me wrong it can be fun solo or with a lot of friends.


Ok now enough about horde the actual player vs player, in my opinion, I think Execution is the best. I like the tactical feel of when you die you don’t respawn and that you need to know strats. And some skill but if you go into the wrong area you can get one shotted by a shotgun. You could outsmart the enemy by hiding where they usually go and just one shot them.




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