Spore Video Game 2020 Review

If you want to play a game where you’re a god and you create your own species and make them succeed in the space stage then Spore is for you. When the player first creates a specie they start at the cell stage. You can pick carnivore, herbivore, or later on an omnivore, with the carnivore obviously you’re going to eat meat but at the start of the cell stage you’re able to unlock a lot of stuff if you’re a carnivore. Like these fast pear shaped straw mouths if you kill them they will usually drop a learning thing where you’re able to put the straw mouth then become an omnivore in my opinion in early stages being an omnivore is super beneficial.

There are so many things to unlock it would take forever for me to tell you what every unlock does so search it up and find out whats the best. Spore was probably my best childhood game I started playing in 2010 two years after it came out. I’m thinking about playing it again it was so fun going through the stages. Even though it’s an old game it’s a classic and I recommend this game to people who are new and not so new to video games.







Want to buy go here for the website and go here for steam.

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