Rust Game Review 2020

Rust Rust is a survival game where the player stranded on an island has to build and protect a base. In Rust, the player can do many things like raiding, PvP, farming food and materials. The materials in the game are stone, metal ore, sulfur ore, wood, scrap, and components. There are three stages of the game first primal, second “basic weapons” and last “best weapons”.

The primal stage is where you only have bows, crossbows, and an Eoka. (an Eoka is a shotgun that is 1 barreled and users have to hit it one to multiple times) The armor in the primal stage is pretty bad but is good against other people who have bows and crossbows. But the Eoka has a chance of one-hit killing but only at them point-blank. When you get to tier two or “basic weapons” you’ll have semi-automatic rifles also called sars. And some basic smgs like a custom and a Thompson. The tier two armor is alright it can even withstand tier-three guns but against other players that are in tier two stages, it is pretty good.

Now the last stage tier three “best guns” when you get to this stage your going to have aks, lrs, l96s and bolts and maybe an m249. Lr-300 is an automatic low recoil gun in Rust but in my opinion, it is not the best gun I think the ak is the best but it takes time to learn the spray pattern but the ak does 10 more damage than the lr. L96s and bolts are snipers that are pretty good and can one-shot most gear. Then the m249 one of the rarest guns in the game, it has a magazine of 100 rounds and does more damage than ak and lr but it has a lot of recoils if you’re standing.


Still so much more in Rust






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