Minecraft 2020 Review

Minecraft is a survival cube game where you have to survive and get materials and loot to kill the boss that is an ender dragon. To kill the ender dragon you’re going to need high tier loot to get high tier loot you’re going to need to mine a lot. But first with the basics first chop a tree down with your fist then when you’re done craft a crafting table and make sticks then align the sticks and wood into a pickaxe form. (If you need help just search how to make a pickaxe) Then go find some stone then mine into cobblestone then make tools now hopefully you get it.

This game used to be my favorite game because I have been playing for more than 9 years. Multiplayer is the best but solo can still be pretty fun with friends you can be way more efficient and coordinate so you both can progress further. Online servers like Mineplex, hypixel, and thousands of others. I don’t play this game anymore grown out of it and just think it’s boring. If you have neither played this game I really recommend it.







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