Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V 2020 review

Grand Theft Auto V has a campaign and online. Lets first talk about Grand Theft Auto V story mode, it has a very detailed storyline a lot of characters but the main characters are Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips. When you start the campaign the first character you play as Franklin the further you go the richer the story gets. GTA 5’s story modes have 79 missions according to Fandom. The ending is one of the craziest but I’m not going to spoil it so I’m not going to say anything that happens. You can buy businesses and you’re able to purchase stocks when you buy businesses there will be random events in which the supplies get hijacked and you have to go after them and get it back.

Okay now about online, online is where you play with other players in lobbies and there are so many things to do you can do client missions and get some money and rp. Or you can do mini games and get pretty good money and rp, rp is for leveling up you want the more rp to level up and unlock guns and other stuff. When you get enough money you’re going to need businesses currently you can buy cocaine, meth, forges, counterfeit, gunrunning, nightclub, CEO office, and vehicle work, and more. These can make lots of money but search and find guides before you buy. If you want to make some semi quick money do heists but you’re going to need a high end apartment. If your starting just do mini games it will help you get used to the game and make some good money.

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