Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal is a first person shooter, in which you can play multiplayer or campaign. Campaign mode is were you have to fight hordes of hell army’s and survive continuous levels. That are different every time. If you want to beat campaign you would have to play for 20 hours straight. And if you want to beat if with all the collectibles you would have to play for 23 – 25 hours. Currently they only have two modes in multiplayer, invasion and battle. In Battle their is three to two demons and one slayer, and the demons have to kill the slayer and the slayer has to slay the demons. Invasion is were a player that plays a slayer and the other player plays as a demon that can hide and plan when to attack. While the slayer is busy fighting of the hell’s army. So the demon can make a move when the player is low on health, armor or even ammo. When the demon attacks he can spawn in a enemy that is strong and him and what he spawned can attack the slayer.

if the slayer kills the demon he wins, if the demon kills the slayer they win.

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