PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a battle royal game. Where you drop out of a plane just like Fortnite but PUBG is way different then Fortnite. Currently, there are five maps that you can drop into all portraying different countries like Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, and Russia. From my experiences, this game is pretty hard just like Escape from Tarkov you have to learn the maps and the recoil of each gun.

I stopped playing after 2017 then I started playing other games I lost interest in the game and it felt very repetitive but in 2019 I started playing with one of my friends, it was pretty refreshing playing the game again and playing duo. If you’re going to play this game you should play with a duo, if you wanted you could just play solo but it could get boring after a while. One of the main problems with PUBG is that its very buggy and you could die to very dumb reasons. If PUBG goes on sale you should definitely buy it and give it a try. This game is not for everyone, remember that.

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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov 2020 Review

Escape from Tarkov is one of the hardest games I ever played. At the time of making this, I have only played it for a week but I watch a little about it and a lot of friends recommended it. This game is very addicting and fun at times if you go on a PMC with your best gear it’s a high risk but high reward if you kill any geared players. You still have the worry of losing everything on you if someone is camping the escape.

This game can be so unforgiving and stuff can come out of no were like if someone shoots you in the leg it could get fractured then you have to limp until you escape or die then heal your character. In this review, I’m not going to talk about everything because there are so many things to talk about and I don’t want to be here for hours. Escape from Tarkov has a giant learning curve in which you’re going to have to watch a lot of videos and look at the wikis. I would recommend Escape from Tarkov 8/10 this is a game for you if you want a challenge.

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State of Decay

State of Decay 2020 Review

State of Decay is a zombie survival game that was developed by Undead Labs who did a great job. Are you looking for a game that you have to go find materials then build up your camp then take quests to progress further into the story? Then State of decay is the game for you. There are skills that you have to level like cardio kind of like Escape from Tarkov but it’s not that hard like Escape from Tarkov.

I couldn’t recommend this game enough 10/10 but I think you should buy State of Decay 2 first unless you want to play the older one which doesn’t have that many things that you can do, unlike the second game. Sadly they don’t have multiplayer but the second game does and in my opinion, it’s not the best because from my experience the owner of the lobby gets to do all of the quests the other players can but they don’t progress. I will do a review of the second game in a couple of weeks. your base/camp can get attack by a horde of zombies that can hurt the population or can just flat out make you lose the game.

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Halo 5 Guardians

Halo 5 Guardians 2020 Review


Halo always had one the best franchises and I have always been a fan of Halo ever since Combat Evolved. But Halo 5 Guardians, in my opinion, lacks the original feel of the other Halos. The campaign feels foreign with these weird weapons and the different enemies that I was not used to, it looks like creatures that would be in destiny. I did play the campaign but after a while, it became very boring and repetitive so I never got to finish.

I like the multiplayer it was fun Fiesta was my favorite mode I loved being able to try all every weapon. At least you can get Halo 5 Guardian of now for a 1 dollar membership so you don’t have to pay full price and you do get to try it out before you pay the full price. If you want to play Halo game that is different then try Halo 5 Guardians so many different guns that have different outcomes. On a 1-10 chart of recommendation, I would say a 6 its alright but not to its full potential like the other Halo games.






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Minecraft 2020 Review

Minecraft is a survival cube game where you have to survive and get materials and loot to kill the boss that is an ender dragon. To kill the ender dragon you’re going to need high tier loot to get high tier loot you’re going to need to mine a lot. But first with the basics first chop a tree down with your fist then when you’re done craft a crafting table and make sticks then align the sticks and wood into a pickaxe form. (If you need help just search how to make a pickaxe) Then go find some stone then mine into cobblestone then make tools now hopefully you get it.

This game used to be my favorite game because I have been playing for more than 9 years. Multiplayer is the best but solo can still be pretty fun with friends you can be way more efficient and coordinate so you both can progress further. Online servers like Mineplex, hypixel, and thousands of others. I don’t play this game anymore grown out of it and just think it’s boring. If you have neither played this game I really recommend it.







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Garry's Mod

Garry’s Mod 2020 Review

Garry’s Mod is a game made by Facepunch they also made Rust. In Garry’s Mod, you can do almost anything with the number of mods there are. You can play solo sandbox or play with friends and mess around with mods and such. Or you can play multiplayer, there is a lot of roleplay but if that’s your thing you’re going to love this game. I have had Garry’s Mod since 2012 the game has changed a lot more, there weren’t as many servers and not a lot of structure was put into mods and maps.

This game is one of the most legendary games I have ever played and still play occasionally I like darkrp the most you’re able to do a lot of things you can be a cop or a thief. But there are so many rules and it is a headache remembering all of them. I think it’s worth the money you have so many possibles and you can meet a lot of people and it’s pretty cheap. If you want to have the most fun playing bring a friend and play servers you most likely have a blast.






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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V 2020 review

Grand Theft Auto V has a campaign and online. Lets first talk about Grand Theft Auto V story mode, it has a very detailed storyline a lot of characters but the main characters are Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips. When you start the campaign the first character you play as Franklin the further you go the richer the story gets. GTA 5’s story modes have 79 missions according to Fandom. The ending is one of the craziest but I’m not going to spoil it so I’m not going to say anything that happens. You can buy businesses and you’re able to purchase stocks when you buy businesses there will be random events in which the supplies get hijacked and you have to go after them and get it back.

Okay now about online, online is where you play with other players in lobbies and there are so many things to do you can do client missions and get some money and rp. Or you can do mini games and get pretty good money and rp, rp is for leveling up you want the more rp to level up and unlock guns and other stuff. When you get enough money you’re going to need businesses currently you can buy cocaine, meth, forges, counterfeit, gunrunning, nightclub, CEO office, and vehicle work, and more. These can make lots of money but search and find guides before you buy. If you want to make some semi quick money do heists but you’re going to need a high end apartment. If your starting just do mini games it will help you get used to the game and make some good money.

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Gears 5

Gears 5 Review 2020

Gears 5 is one of the most intense and fun games I have ever played. First of all I really never liked the Gear of War companion I thought it was boring. But the multiplayer was my favorite I loved the mode horde. You were able to be the horde or you can fight off the horde and when you were the Coalition army you can build turrets, barbwire, etc. but in gears, the horde mode had no being on the other side no being the horde. Just fighting the horde and surviving as long as possible but don’t get me wrong it can be fun solo or with a lot of friends.


Ok now enough about horde the actual player vs player, in my opinion, I think Execution is the best. I like the tactical feel of when you die you don’t respawn and that you need to know strats. And some skill but if you go into the wrong area you can get one shotted by a shotgun. You could outsmart the enemy by hiding where they usually go and just one shot them.




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Rust Game Review 2020

Rust Rust is a survival game where the player stranded on an island has to build and protect a base. In Rust, the player can do many things like raiding, PvP, farming food and materials. The materials in the game are stone, metal ore, sulfur ore, wood, scrap, and components. There are three stages of the game first primal, second “basic weapons” and last “best weapons”.

The primal stage is where you only have bows, crossbows, and an Eoka. (an Eoka is a shotgun that is 1 barreled and users have to hit it one to multiple times) The armor in the primal stage is pretty bad but is good against other people who have bows and crossbows. But the Eoka has a chance of one-hit killing but only at them point-blank. When you get to tier two or “basic weapons” you’ll have semi-automatic rifles also called sars. And some basic smgs like a custom and a Thompson. The tier two armor is alright it can even withstand tier-three guns but against other players that are in tier two stages, it is pretty good.

Now the last stage tier three “best guns” when you get to this stage your going to have aks, lrs, l96s and bolts and maybe an m249. Lr-300 is an automatic low recoil gun in Rust but in my opinion, it is not the best gun I think the ak is the best but it takes time to learn the spray pattern but the ak does 10 more damage than the lr. L96s and bolts are snipers that are pretty good and can one-shot most gear. Then the m249 one of the rarest guns in the game, it has a magazine of 100 rounds and does more damage than ak and lr but it has a lot of recoils if you’re standing.


Still so much more in Rust






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